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The Rules:
1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble/ficlet related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

Fandom: Supernatural
Warnings: slash, incest, angst
Rating: R I guess.
Pairings: 7 J2 drabbles, 2 Wincest drabbles, 1 gen

Note: I don’t usually write that often, I write poetry more often than stories. So I hope these turned out descent enough and sorry if they suck. Also I loved how most the songs ended up being love songs lol

ETA: Ha! i got rid of the extra cut.




The Cure


Jensen swayed his hips to the slow beat of the music slipping out from the speakers.

He could feel Jared’s gaze on him, setting his skin a blaze. They hadn’t talked since the night everything happened. The night he thought he had ruined their friendship forever.


He could feel Jared move closer to him and instantly Jensen stepped back. Forgetting that the bed was behind him he tumbled backwards and landed. Jared crept closer before sliding on the bed and up Jensen’s body. One hand landed on Jensen’s hip while the other reached up and cupped his face. Jensen’s eyes met Jared’s for a brief moment before their lips connected, sending sparks throughout Jensen’s body.



Take our time



Normally it was fast, hard, and over in minutes. But tonight, something was different, the fear that had ripped through them when they thought they had lost each other slowing their movement. Dean kissed Sam slow and easy, pouring his love into it, his hands lightly skimming over Sam’s warm flesh. Their bodies rocked slowly together, hips meeting in the softest of brushes.


15 minutes later Sam was naked on the bed and withering underneath Dean as he placed slowly lazy kisses all over his body. Small marks appeared all over Sam’s skin, marks of where Dean had been. But the only thought in Sam’s mind was of where Dean was going.



Olsen Olsen

Sigur Ros’


Jared watched as the world slowly moved around him in a blur. All he could see was Jensen’s pale body lying on the ground surrounded by people. The on set medic was working over him swiftly shouting out orders to the PA’s. It was supposed to be a simple stunt, they just had to drop a few feet, but something had gone wrong with the safety gear. Jared had watched in fear as Jensen dropped to the ground hard, landing with a thud and a loud crack that echoed throughout the room. Images of Jensen dead shot through his mind without warning and he tried to will them away. He wanted to get down, hold Jensen in his arms, but he had been forgotten, hanging their because of the imbalance Jensen dropping did to the gear. Jared was stuck, with no way to get to Jensen. He instantly regretted the small fight they had had earlier that day over Danneel. Jared was just tired and seeing a picture of Danni on Jensen’s phone set him off.

Flashes of memories with Jensen flew through his mind, their first kiss, sudden and brief. The first time they made love, and the first time Jensen told Jared that he loved him. Even small things like when Jensen would leave Candy in random places for Jared to find, or write notes in the steam on the shower mirror in the morning. But the one thought that stuck out was the way Jensen kissed him, like as soon as their lips met nothing else in the world mattered but each other.

 The tears sprang from Jared’s eyes freely now as adrenaline pumped through his veins, it had been a minute since Jensen had fallen.






Jensen’s eyes scanned the room in front of him, the shattered pictures frames and beer bottles.

His eyes stopped on a picture of him and Jared and the dogs curled together in Jared’s trailer on set. A picture of his family, because his other family didn’t accept him for who he was, didn't accept the love he had for Jared. He had told them the truth and they disowned him.


Jared stood in the doorway, watching Jensen. Jensen didn’t know he had been there, watching as he exploded, his anger ripping through everything in their living room. Jensen’s had felt betrayed and there was nothing Jared could do to make the pain stop.




You shouldn’t kiss me like this

Toby Keith


When Jared first kissed Jensen his whole world changed. There were sparks under his eyes, and lightening shooting through his body. All he could feel were Jared’s lips moving against his, and the fluttering it caused in his stomach.

Everyone was talking about how they would be the cutest couple, and the fans thought they were together anyways. But he never realized how right it would feel to be embraced in Jared’s arms.

They pulled apart for just a second, Jensen’s vision still a little blurry.

“You shouldn’t kiss me like this, unless you mean it like that” Jensen whispered against Jared’s lips. But Jared didn’t answer, only closed the distance again.




I Cross My Heart

George Strait


Jensen always knew there was something different about his relationship with Jared.

In the four years they had been friends he had made more memories that he thought could ever be possible. Jared was the one thing that, as cliché as it was, made his life complete.

Jared was the one there for him when he needed someone, the one who knew what was going through his mind even before he did.


It was becoming clear to Jensen what Jared meant to him, that there wasn’t a love as true as theirs.




The Right Kind of Wrong

Leann Rimes



Sam knew it was wrong, that he shouldn’t do this. He shouldn’t feel like this for his brother, his brother of all people. Everything in him tells him its wrong, but he can’t help himself. Dean was known to love them and leave ‘um, and Sam loved being the one that he never left.


He couldn’t help himself, when Dean entered the room every thought of how wrong it was flew from his mind. There was no way to explain what Dean did to him, but he felt like he would die if he didn’t have him.


The met half way across the motel room, clamoring to rid each other of their clothing.

Sam needed to feel Dean, feel the heat of skin, his heart thrumming in his chest.

The kisses were desperate, hard and wet. Sam moaned as he felt Dean’s nails claw down his back when he thrust their hips together.  





Hilary Duff




“Leave me alone!” Jensen screamed from the corner of the bathroom where he was hiding.

He clutched his knees tighter to his chest, wincing as they pressed against the purple bruises forming on his torso.

The banging on the door got louder as it shook and Jensen was almost afraid it would come off the hinges.

Shakily he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, hit speed dial one and put the phone to his ear.

When the voice on the other end vibrated through he couldn’t help the sob that escaped.

“J-Jared help me p-please,” he half whispered through the tears.



I’ve Got the Power



“I’ve got the power!”

Jensen and Jared couldn’t help the fits of laughter that rolled through them as Mike began to rap into the microphone along with the song. Doing dance moves that should be illegal.

Jensen wished he had a camera so he record this for blackmail uses later.


Unfortunately for Mike, Tom did, and was having a heyday taking pictures with his cell phone, catching Mike in the most compromising poses.

But if you thought that was bad, the worst part was when Jared started and Chad started to sing back up.




Happy Phantoms

Tori Amos



Dean’s year is coming up and he can’t help but think over the things he should have done.

He couldn’t help but wish he was leaving something behind, more than a car.

If Ben had been his son that would have been something, something that said Dean was there.

Something that said he existed and he wouldn’t just be a faint echo in the back of the minds of the people he loved.


If he died today sometimes he wondered if anyone would care, even himself.


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