Chapter 2.

Nov. 29th, 2006 09:55 pm
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Ch. 2.

Rachel slowly opened her eyes to take in her surroundings.
It’s so bright and white. What’s that beeping? She thought as she open her eyes wide enough to see.
She saw a pulse monitor. She was in a hospital. She saw Sam sitting in the chair next to the bed.
“Sam.” She said in a raspy voice.

“Rachel your awake” Sam said as he smiled

“What ha...Happened” she said almost out of breath

“You passed out in the cafeteria and we called 911 and they brought you here. They tested your system and found traces of a drug” Sam said with a frown

“So someone drugged me?” Rachel said getting more of her strength back.

“Yea, I guess so.”

“Why would someone want to drug me?” Rachel asked surprised.
I don’t know why the demon would want to drug you. Or why he would even have to use drugs .Sam thought
“Demon? What demon?” Rachel asked as Sam stared at her wide eyed.

“I didn’t say anything about a demon.” He said.

“yes you did. You said you don’t know why demon would want to drug me or even have to use drugs” she said.

What the hell! I didn’t say that out loud I thought that!

“Oh my gosh. I’m reading your thoughts!” Rachel said as she stared at Sam.

“How are you doing that?” Sam said

“I don’t know I could just kind of hear it as if you were just saying it out loud.” she said

“You’re a mind reader.” he said as he stared at her
She looks cute …ah she’s reading my mind

“I guess so...” she said as she stared at Sam and smiled as she heard his thoughts.

“Stop that” he laughed

“Cant help it” she said as she too started laughing.

“ehem” Dean cleared his throat, “am I interrupting something?”

“Yes in fact you are.” Rachel said as Sam laughed.

“oh wel..” Dean didn’t even get to finish his sentence as Jessie and Essi burst the doors.
“Rachel!” They yelped in unison.

“Get your butts over here and give me a hug!” Rachel said as she stuck out her arms.
They both ran over and gave Rachel a hug.

“How are you feeling?” Jessie asked.

“Ok. I’m kind of light headed but I’ll live” Rachel said glancing over at Essi who was checking out Deans butt and Rachel laughed. Essi quickly turned her attention to Rachel.

"Hmm? What were you saying?" Said Essi, obviously not paying any attention.

"Oh Rachy! I'm sorry!" said Essi as she turned around and held Rachel’s hand. "I’m glad you're alright." Essi paused. "That man does have a nice ass though... I mean dang girl..." Essi said, whispering to Rachel. "Shh! He might hear you!" Essi and Rachel shared a giggle.

What the hell are they giggling about? Dean thought and Rachel laughed.

“Careful Dean I’d watch what you think” Rachel said with a giggle.

“The hell is she talking about Sam?” Said dean as he looked over at Sam.

“She is a mind reader” Sam laughed.

Aw crap. No sex thoughts no sex thoughts… thought Dean and Rachel burst out laughing.
Dean got up and said on his way out of the room “I’m going to get some coffee or something…” and with that he closed the door.
They all laughed as Dean left.

“So when do I get to leave?” Rachel asked as she sat little more and winced as the IV moved a little.

“The doctor said you can check out today. They got the drug out of your system, and they said it didn’t do much damage.” Jessie said as she got Rachel a glass of water.

“Thanks” Rachel said as she took the water from Jessie and drank some.

“So you ready to check out?” Essi asked.

“definitely I hate hospitals” Rachel laughed.

“I’ll go get your papers for you,” Jessie said as she got up and left.


After they left the hospital they decided to go back to Rachel’s Apartment.

“You doing ok in there Jessie?” Rachel laughed because Jessie decided she wanted to cook something for lunch, and Jessie isn’t that good a cook.

“Just fine thank you,” Jessie said in a snotty tone.
Rachel turned back to Sam, they were alone in the living room because Dean and Essi and driven to the store to pick up a few things.

“So you have powers too?” Rachel asked as she situated on the couch.

“Well I wouldn’t call them powers, but yea. I have visions and I might have telekinesis I’m not sure.”
Sam said.

“You might have telekinesis?” Rachel asked

“Yea, there was this one time and it kind of just happened,” Sam said.

“Oh Cool So tell me about this Demon.”

As Sam told Rachel about the demon and his past, a demon sat outside the window watching.
The demon stood there watching when another demon came up behind him.

“It isn’t time yet,” the demon said

“why can’t we just take her now, it would be so simple. The other brother isn’t here and they are unprepared.”

“Yes but, He says the time is not right”

“Yes sir, my apologies to him.”
And with that the demons disappeared into the night.


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